10 Things That Make Mara Adair so Awesome

Meet Mara Adair—IMA’s quick-witted copywriting manager with an impressive 25 years of marketing and advertising agency experience. She’s a seasoned wordsmith with a knack for drafting just the right message to get results for our clients—all with attention to the ever-changing rules of communication in every media. Plus, having managed accounts ranging from a three-ring circus (literally) to product launches and political campaigns, she assists on a variety of IMA projects as needed.

When she’s not writing, editing, and proofing to perfection, Mara’s often going on long bike rides, listening to reggae music (her favorite is old UB40), or sharing a margarita and lots of laughs with her friends. Her words to live by? “We’ll make it work,” which explains her positive outlook on both her career and life. Here are 10 more things we love about Mara:

  1. If I had to describe IMA in one word, it would be: fluid. Client needs and timelines are always shifting, so the team adjusts accordingly and collaborates to rock every project we get.
  2. Something I love? My dog, Clint Eastwood. He’s sweet, friendly, and voraciously curious—he’s constantly stopping to introduce himself to anyone who’s not intimidated by his size.
  3. Five years from now, I’d like to be managing a team of five or more copywriters—and we’re already well on our way.
  4. If I didn’t love writing so much, I would be a veterinarian. I absolutely love animals.
  5. My favorite desk item is a little elephant that’s made from recycled flip flops from Kenya. His name is Tembo—which means elephant in Swahili—and I love his bright, happy coloring.
  6. I once met Ahmad and Phylicia Rashād on a cruise (a former NFL player and the mom from “The Cosby Show”). I asked them to take a picture of our group, but once I realized who they were and asked for a photo with them, they said: “No, people take pictures of us all the time” and left.
  7. Even though I’ve grown into other positions within advertising, writing has always been at the heart of what I do and for that, I’m grateful.
  8. “Thank you” is the phrase I hear most during a work day. Everyone at IMA is sincerely appreciative of one another.
  9. My favorite IMA memory is working for the Bret Michaels concert at the Waukesha County Fair last year. We watched the storm roll in and battled through the weather together. We were ankles deep in mud, huddling under one tiny umbrella, laughing the whole way back to our cars.
  10. The two “writing tools” I could not live without are Thesaurus.com and my co-copywriter, Jennifer.