25 Things You Don’t Know About IMA’s New President

Rather than bore you with my bio, I thought it would be fun to get to know a little more about me through fun facts. I look forward to building and growing many partnerships and friendships as the next chapter of Image Makers Advertising begins!

  1. I gave up bacon and cheese for Lent.
  2. My son’s name is Sam (almost 16) and my daughter’s name is Libby (Elizabeth, almost 14). No, I did not name them after the shoe brand.
  3. I love tacos. Basically I like heat (spicy foods and outdoor temps).
  4. The first projects I got paid to write were during my internship sophomore year at Marquette University: obituaries and fundraiser fliers for the School Sisters of St. Francis (my pancake flier had a nun flipping pancakes on it!).
  5. I got my next internship my junior year at Wolkos Advertising because Tom Wolkos is an alumnus and he chose an intern every year. I asked him once a month if there was a chance I could stay on and he said no. I was the first intern he hired full time after I graduated from Marquette.
  6. That year was 1992 and I won the award for “Most Likely to Succeed in Advertising.”
  7. “Gilmore Girls” and “Suits” are two shows I’m watching now.
  8. My dad gave me $20 the first time I beat him at cribbage.
  9. I have two very small but meaningful tattoos (see number 2 for a hint).
  10. At my first agency, I named a breakfast that’s still on the menu at George Webb—the Double Webb. Other top clients were North Shore Bank and JCPenney. I wrote and assisted in client service, but soaked up as much as I could in every department, including media and research, and even entered handwritten time sheets into the system for billing so we could get paid.
  11. My family still plays board games (“Sorry!” is our favorite!).
  12. At age 26, I was hired as the director of marketing at the company that owns the Chancery restaurants. My love of travel started early since we traveled all over the country to meet and learn about food and new restaurants. My favorite trip was to the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.
  13. A handy thing the Chancery taught me was “clean sightlines,” a term to identify areas that customers can see that needed to be clean and organized at all times. My home is the same way.
  14. My best friends are from high school and my hometown of Muskego. We take sports very seriously in Muskego (Libby plays soccer year-round and Sam plays football, basketball, and baseball).
  15. I started my own small, part-time (mostly business-to-business) marketing company after I had my son in 2001 so I could work less and from home. It was called Eat Cake Communications—and my unique selling proposition (USP)? Have professional marketing and afford it, too.
  16. In October 2014, I met Tom Kaupp and learned he shared this USP and needed a creative director. (My company was small and I lost my best client when he retired. I decided since my kids were getting older, I wanted to jump back into either an agency or in-house marketing.) I always say I wish I had arrived at IMA sooner.
  17. I love live music.
  18. To give back in the field of marketing, I enjoy mentoring young people—their energy inspires me every day. To honor Tom’s legacy through charitable and nonprofit work, we will continue to support the Waukesha County Fair, Katy’s Kloset/Team Up! With Families, ARCh, and the American Brain Tumor Association.
  19. John (my hubby) and I got married at my childhood parish, St. Veronica’s, in 1998 and honeymooned in Cancun. John can fix anything—he is the handiest person I know.
  20. I love to cook. My Italian red sauce and meatballs are amazing!
  21. I’ve started to write at least a half-dozen books.
  22. I’m a pretty determined individual. I potty-trained both of my children before the age of two.
  23. I know way too much about pop culture for someone my age. You want me on your team if we’re playing trivia.
  24. My favorite day of the week is Friday because most people are in a good mood. I also like Mondays at work because they’re so productive.
  25. I believe that communication can solve just about anything—and being genuine and grateful are the two most important keys to being a good, successful person.

IMA is moving to individual authors beginning with this blog! Get to know each of us and our expertise in the months and posts to come.