8 Must-Know Facts About Our Digital Media Manager

Meet Staci Simmons—our outgoing, fun-loving, tech savvy digital media manager. She’s an online advertising guru with years of experience engaging web users, implementing digital best practices, and delivering results. When she’s not building marketing strategies or enthusiastically high-fiving every team member, she loves relaxing with a glass of red wine and good friends. Her favorite person to spend time with? Everyone—connecting with people is what Staci’s all about. To get to know her better, here are eight more things she’s sharing:

  1. Who would play me in a movie? 1990s Sharon Stone from “Casino” for the obvious resemblance. Or Mandy Moore, who is my dream best friend.
  2. My favorite desk item is my pair of turtles. I got them as a gift from my first boss when I graduated from college and they’ve been on every work desk I’ve ever had.
  3. What is your favorite part of your job? Devising a strategic plan. I absolutely love building cohesive marketing plans, utilizing different techniques, and tracking impact. There is so much decision-making power in data. It’s weird how excited I get about it.
  4. If I weren’t so passionate about advertising, I’d be a cook—hands down, I love to eat.
  5. What is your ideal weekend? Boating, hiking, being outdoors on an adventure. Burning just enough calories to overindulge on a good meal.
  6. Halloween is the best holiday. I’ve been known to make my own costumes—and trust me, I shouldn’t be sewing. But that’s how much I love dressing up.
  7. Favorite zoo animal? Monkeys. Least favorite? Birds. Last time I walked through the bird room, I hid under an open umbrella. I won’t be going back anytime soon.
  8. If I had to describe IMA in one word it would be: family. My coworkers are the absolute best and their passion for their craft is inspiring.