9 Reasons Why Our Graphic Designer Is as Awesome as He Is Tall

Meet Ryan Kelm—IMA’s talented, easy-going, and charming graphic designer who is always ready to crack a sarcastic one-liner. Ryan has been rocking custom web design and digital campaigns for nearly four years. He is just as impressive at strategically branding companies with imaginative logos.

Ryan has got a lot more going on than his mad design skills. He is impressively funny and witty despite being a self-proclaimed introvert. When he’s not at work, he enjoys listening to his favorite comedian, Matt Bellassai, or watching John Waters movies. Here are nine more things about Ryan:

  1. At first, I wanted to go to school to be a surgical technician. Then I wanted to be an English teacher. Finally, I landed on being a graphic designer because I’ve always loved being creative.
  2. My favorite IMA memory is when my first website launched. It was awesome to create and brand a website from scratch and then see it go live.
  3. Dynamic and exciting—that’s how I describe IMA because every day is different.
  4. I’ve never been in the back of a police car, but I have had a policeman ride in MY backseat as part of a sting operation to get my stolen laptop back. The thief got my cell phone number off my computer and texted me to meet up, so I went to the local police station for help. A cop ended up hiding in my backseat while I drove to the meeting point. Then he confronted the thief to get my laptop back—it was pretty cool.
  5. People are surprised to learn that I studied Japanese in high school—I even studied abroad in Japan for a few weeks. They’re also surprised that I never played basketball. (I’m 6’5”.)
  6. My favorite motto is: “It could always be worse.”
  7. My first thought when I wake up is: “I have to feed my cat,” but only because he [Chase] kneads his claws into me to wake me up.
  8. The word I hear most often during the workday is “Thanks.” Our team is very appreciative of one another.
  9. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Forget inflatable décor—I love the gaudy decorations people put up. I wish they could stay up all year.