9 Things That Make Jane Fischer Impossibly Cool

Jane Fischer isn’t new to agency life—she’s a 30-year media buying veteran who started contracting for Image Makers Advertising in June 2017. She’s a sugar, spice, and everything nice type of person with a “go get ‘em” attitude. When she’s not casually dropping unforgettable zingers around the office, Jane’s strategically buying media—for broadcast, radio, and digital advertising—and delivering unrivaled outcomes. It’s her ambitious approach and pleasant persona that has IMA clients so elated with her expert recommendations and real-time results.

In addition to her impressive professional portfolio, Jane is celebrating 31 years of wedded bliss this Halloween. No, people didn’t dress up in costumes at her wedding, but we’ve got nine more fun facts that make Jane impossibly cool

  1. I’m an avid cyclist—I average 130 miles on my bike every week. And that’s on top of running.
  2. When I was a young girl—known as “Janie”—I wanted to teach when I grew up. That dream changed when I discovered media and radio sales. I followed the media buying path, which led to me starting my own buying service—it is hands down my greatest accomplishment.
  3. My most-used phrase is “what the heck,” but my words to live by are “you don’t ask, you don’t get,” which I consider my mantra. It’s a must-know, especially in the media buying industry.
  4. Five years from now, I hope to be semi-retired. I don’t have plans—but I’d like to exercise more, join a gym, and stay busy as I please.
  5. How do I describe IMA? Colorful, vibrant, and lively with unique characters—the team is wonderful.
  6. I once hung out with Mr. T, Jay Leno, and Tony Mandarich at an industry event—they’re the most famous people I’ve ever met. And yes, a photo of this unforgettable encounter exists somewhere.
  7. My closet is decked out in style…with roughly 75 pairs of shoes. I have a LOT of shoes
  8. My favorite desk item? Definitely my water bottle—I don’t go anywhere without it.
  9. Dark chocolate and sweets are my guilty pleasure. BUT my absolute favorite food is arugula salad—with beets, red cabbage, goat cheese, raspberries, red onion, and orange peppers—so it balances out.