9 Things You’d Never Guess About Our Website & SEO Manager

Mikayla Bump is our website-managing, SEO-optimizing, fashion-forward force to be reckoned with. In her time at IMA, she’s mastered the art and science of website development for our clients, and made life easier for our entire team with her ever-growing technical expertise, crazy-good organizational skills, and sunny, can-do attitude. She joined us after graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. As a child, Mikayla wanted to become a painter. And although managing the creation of websites isn’t exactly the art form she imagined back then, today she absolutely loves what she does—and it shows.

Besides helping our clients tell their stories, Mikayla has a few of her own—like the day a bird found its way into IMA, and couldn’t find its way out. Chaos ensued, and while some people hid and others had a good laugh, Mikayla tried to help by creating a trail of croutons to guide the bird to the exit!

Want to know more? Here are nine more fun stories from Mikayla:

  1. If I had to describe IMA in one word, it would be close-knit. (Is that two words?) We’re a very close team, both in and out of the office.
  2. My favorite thing on my desk is a giant coffee mug that says “My Kids Have Paws.” My 10-year-old cousin got it for me when we were on vacation—it always makes me smile and think about my pups, Dexter and Arthur.
  3. I’m a magnet for famous people—I’ve met band members from Fall Out Boy, the musician Kid Cudi, and country star Brad Paisley. Comedian Jim Gaffigan even waved at me through a window once.
  4. My nickname has been Miki for as long as I can remember. Because my family only called me that, I didn’t realize my real name was Mikayla until I was in elementary school.
  5. My ideal weekend involves a boat, a lake, sunshine, and maybe a wine spritzer.
  6. Every day, I deal with keywords for my clients. If I had to choose keywords for what I do, they would be strategize, optimize, and streamline—these are good things in my world!
  7. I’ve taken Spanish 101 “tres” times—once in elementary school, then in middle school, and again in high school. Apparently, Español just didn’t take!
  8. Some of my favorite things are tea roses, Ed Sheeran, cool shoes, and my mom!
  9. My favorite saying/motto is: “Strive for progress, not perfection.” I have a sign with that quote hanging over my desk as a friendly reminder—and a colorful decoration.