Growing Our Clients' Businesses Since 1983


We offer project-based and strategic annual ad plans

We offer project-based and strategic annual ad plans

We offer project-based and strategic annual ad plans

We offer project-based and strategic annual ad plans

Our Vision

We’re talented professionals who love marketing and genuinely care about our clients and their businesses. We work to understand your needs and develop strategies that bring you a new audience and increase your revenue. What we do is not a magic bullet, but IMA is a real partner who stands the test of time and celebrates with you when the magic happens. If marketing is a challenge for you, we’ll provide the expert focus that gets you back to what you do best.

Let’s get started together.

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From traditional marketing like brochures and TV commercials to digital ads, websites, search engine optimization (SEO), and everything in between, Image Makers Advertising has you covered with complete creative, media buying, and production services. We do it all in-house and in a way that gives you better control of your brand and your budget. Our approach is balanced, strategic, and delivered consistently over time to ensure a measurable return on your marketing investment.

Real People, Real Expertise, Real Results

Since 1983, IMA has partnered with companies just like yours—small companies that want to be bigger and big companies that want to be better. And better is how it all began, with Tom Kaupp, the original founder of the IMA, approaching potential clients with better, faster, and more effective advertising solutions.

Today, President Tina Chovanec runs the new IMA. She met and was hired by Tom in November 2014 to elevate the agency’s creative. As the creative director—and ultimately slated to be Tom’s successor upon retirement—the two professionals instantly clicked, enjoying a partnership built on mutual respect and commitment to superior customer service above all else. In a short time, Tina made impactful changes to the HR and cultural side of the business as well, implementing benefits like flex time and introducing more celebrations, fun, and overall staff empowerment. She was promoted to VP of Creative Services within 11 months and took on more and more client leads as Tom began his battle with brain cancer. He asked Tina to take over the business, which she did in March 2017, just months after Tom’s passing.

One year later, IMA moved to Brookfield where a brand-new office offered new opportunities. The agency now enjoys modern, collaborate workspace on a one-level floorplan and a large employee lounge dedicated to Tom. It is centrally located in a thriving area and closer to clients, new business leads, and creative partners like Midland Video Productions. What hasn’t changed is IMA’s commitment to strategic planning and applying best practices for real results.

When you’re ready to explore tailored options for your business, call us—we’re here to help you grow.

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