A Dozen Things You Probably Don’t Know About IMA’s Graphic Design Manager

Sylvie Hergott is an IMA veteran and has 14 years of experience with our team and clients. She is widely recognized for her breakout role in our 2015 holiday video, recreating Will Ferrell’s classic glass case of emojis scene. She is an incredible resource for all things visual, but also has a way with numbers—as in thousands of images, hundreds of fonts, dozens of projects, and two designers under her direction every day. That said, her love of numbers goes only so far, as she is a true creative mind who believes she couldn’t function if she didn’t have opportunities to express herself. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with her knows this, so here are few things you might not know about Sylvie:

1. If I had to describe Image Makers in one word, I would say dedicated. We always find a way to make ideas work, and make our clients priority one. (Again, with the numbers.)

2. I still get excited when I see my work “out in the world.” I love seeing something I’ve designed in a magazine, at a store, or anywhere that it touches people. It’s a great feeling knowing that what I’ve done impacts what people do or buy.

3. My best IMA memory was our company trip to Vegas to celebrate the agency’s 30th anniversary. I’m not a gambler, or even much of a bingo player, because I didn’t win anything that weekend. Still, it was great for us to do something as a group that wasn’t all about work.

4. At the end of the day, if I’m lucky, I end up on my balcony with a book. I can sit there under a big tree and it’s almost like being in a tree house. I also started stand-up paddle boarding, so that takes me to Pewaukee Lake fairly often to test my balance.

5. I’m a visual person, but my sense of smell is very strong. I could never do a job that requires me to be around heavy odors. And not just “bad” scents—I wouldn’t last long in a candle shop!

6. If I won the lottery, traveling would be my new normal. There are lots of places I’d like to see, but I would definitely spend more time in northern France. I’ve been fortunate—no thanks to Power Ball—to visit family there several times.

7. A Wonderful Life? White Christmas? Nope—my favorite holiday movie is “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.” There’s just something about that movie that is more real, and really funny.

8. I’ve had close encounters with Huey Lewis and Dustin Diamond (from Saved By the Bell), which is to say I’ve been close enough to reach out and touch them. But I didn’t—that would be weird.

9. I’m pretty easy-going, but PLEASE don’t change my name. It’s French and it’s just Sylvie—without an “a!”

10. I’d like to think there are angels around us, but the idea of ghosts makes me a little sad.

11. If I had to choose a different career, I’d study anthropology. I love different times and cultures, and love the idea of digging up the past—in a good way!

12. In a game of Rochambeau (hey, that’s French, too), my go-to move is paper. That just seems more constructive and creative than rocks and scissors, which can be pretty destructive.