Hit a Home Run with Blogging

Our clients often ask us why they should get in the blog game. How are blogs beneficial for their business—what’s the ROI? How can they justify the cost? At Image Makers Advertising, we find that blogs are invaluable because they have the potential to increase traffic to our clients’ websites and social media channels. Blogs help our clients build their brand recognition and create credibility with their customers. We stress that our clients need to think outside the “selling” box and instead position themselves as authentic, trustworthy experts in their industries. Simply put, a blog can help a business build stronger, more loyal relationships with customers, while enhancing opportunities for future business once clients trust them.

How does a blog benefit YOU, the business owner?

A blog drives traffic to your website. Adding a blog to your website, instead of its own separate domain, is a fantastic way to increase the visibility of your website and SEO rankings. The increase in traffic coming to your website may generate new leads and potential customers. If a reader is interested in the content of your blog, chances are he’ll take a look around your website at your products and services, too.

A blog positions you as the “expert” in your industry. Sharing tips and enlightening content—insights or information that your readers really want—allows you to gain trust and loyalty from customers and your community. The next time they need a professional, you will be top of mind. If your content is helpful and engaging enough, your customers will return to read more and learn more—and may eventually make a purchase when they’re ready.

A blog promotes your social channels and gains links. It’s important to cross-promote your blog on all your social media channels. Get the message out across multiple platforms so it’s seen by as many people as possible. If the content is interesting and/or helpful, readers will also share it on their social media channels—giving you leverage and more links, further enhancing your SEO efforts and increasing your visibility across the Internet.

5 additional tips

  1. Create an editorial calendar to keep your blog on course. Strategize a list of varied topics that will interest your audience, are relevant to their needs, and will help them to build trust in you. With those topics in mind, set up a calendar to schedule specific posts. It’s okay to deviate but you should have a fairly firm master calendar laid out in advance.
  2. Consider presenting your blog content in different ways besides traditional written format. Try vlogging (a video post) or infographics, also known as a “visual communication” of data. Think USA Today, which uses a lot of infographics, diagrams, charts, and “news snapshots” to quickly present information in an appealing way. Keep your reader interested.
  3. Include a sign-up form on your blog so readers receive notifications when you post new content.
  4. Add your blog link to your email signature, your latest company newsletter, and other print pieces.
  5. Include a subtle call to action. For example, ask your reader to subscribe to your blog or follow you on social media.

Finally, relax and consider leaving blogging to the professionals, like Image Makers, who write blogs every day and handle everything from blog naming to uploading, social sharing, copywriting, and assisting with editorial calendars. It takes time to build a blog—it doesn’t just happen overnight. Depending on your competition and market area, it’s a good idea to start posting at least once a month. You can always post more frequently as your readership grows. At Image Makers, we stress that the goal is increasing the quality of your blog readers and potential customers—not the quantity of your posts.