IMA Is Celebrating a New Year—And a New Home!

Happy 2018! We always look forward to a new year and new opportunities to help our clients, and this year, there’s something extra special to celebrate—a brand-new office that our crazy-good marketing team will soon call home.

For almost 20 years, IMA has done the cool historical building thing in downtown Waukesha. We’ve embraced our place in our community and our history with our clients. But our marketing is progressive, and as we lead our clients toward great new things, it’s only natural that we move ahead as well. So we’re moving to Brookfield, where we can stay in touch with our Waukesha County roots while branching out to help even more small businesses in Wisconsin.

Our business will certainly benefit from the cool new office. The building, located at the corner of Greenfield Avenue and Calhoun Road in Brookfield, is centrally located with easy access to the interstate. We’ll benefit from having our entire team on one floor, with more meeting and collaborative space, and with corner towers and other architectural features as creative as we are. It will be both edgy and traditional, and uniquely us, with a very special employee area—the TK Lounge—dedicated to our friend and founder, Tom Kaupp.

President and Owner Tina Chovanec cites growth as the main reason for the move, along with concern for her staff. “I introduced flexible hours when I joined IMA, so team members are coming and going between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.,” she says. “This has meant walking several blocks, often in the dark, to get to the parking structure down the road,” she adds. “Our new location has generous parking near the entrance and is an amazing fit for our style. We’re looking forward to great things in the heart of Brookfield, and being close to all the great restaurants, shops, and services in our new neighborhood and the nearby Bluemound/Moorland corridor.”

With the build-out in full swing, our projected move-in date is mid- to late February. We’re carefully planning each step so there will be no interruption in service. We’ll keep you posted on our progress and invite you to visit us in 2018.