IMA on the Road—Real Interaction at the Social Media Seminar

It’s not uncommon to find IMA team members at seminars, conferences, and other events to keep up on the latest trends and advancements in our industry—continuing education is important. Sarah Appleton, social and specialty media manager, and Staci Simmons, digital media manager, recently spent a day in Schaumburg, IL for the regional Social Media Marketing Conference, presented by SkillPath. Their mission was to get all the latest must-know information from industry gurus, and come back with new best practices to share with the whole team.

Sarah and Staci agree that this seminar was a fantastic refresher and opportunity to learn new tricks of the trade—like the increasing importance of video, which should be two-thirds of your digital spend, or that YouTube video transcripts help boost your online reach. “We now have even more ways to leverage and tailor our social media strategies, plus so many more tools on copywriting and SEO for the team,” they added.

A majority of our current practices were reiterated. For example, how quality over quantity continues to be the number one way to achieve organic growth, how user profiles help target your audience, and how eblasts go hand-in-hand with your social media to push your reach even farther.

In the words of their knowledgeable instructor, Doug Riggs: “Relationships don’t happen in general moments, they happen over time.” That’s why it’s vital to continue promoting your brand on social media and building those customer relationships. Learn more about how IMA can help you manage your social media.