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About Our Christmas Videos

Since our first years as an agency, we have always designed and produced custom Christmas cards to send to clients, friends, and vendors. Most of the cards have featured IMA employees in a festive setting plus a heartfelt thank you and Christmas greeting. Beginning in 2009, we decided to “go green” and send electronic holiday cards in lieu of our traditional paper ones.

As a community-minded philanthropist, our founder Tom Kaupp also saw this as an opportunity—he decided to donate all the postage and printing savings to an area nonprofit, the Association for the Rights of Citizens with handicaps (ARCh). Tom wanted to raise awareness of the organization which was near and dear to his heart because his daughter Katie has special needs. As IMA moves forward under Tina’s leadership, we plan to continue supporting many of the charitable foundations near and dear to the Kaupp family.

IMA’s Christmas Videos Are an Annual Tradition

In recent years, we also decided it was important in an increasingly digital world to showcase our creative talents and in-house HD video capabilities. After all, we’re great at promoting others, and it made sense to promote ourselves in a new way. Our in-house professionals decided to go for it, from start to finish—brainstorming a theme, writing scripts, putting together props and backgrounds, shooting and editing our own video, organizing an email list, and sharing our annual Christmas video via email and all Image Makers social media channels.

We’re pretty famous for our entertaining Christmas videos. IMA is proud to continue offering affordable HD-video production of TV commercials, digital advertising pre-roll, and videos through our exclusive partnership with Midland Video Productions. Take a look at our most recent work below or ask us about making your own video for any occasion.

IMA 2019 Holiday Video

IMA Christmas 2019

Our 2019 Christmas video is about celebrating our IMA team. We look back on Tina’s five years with the company, our wonderful leadership team who elevates everything we do, and the end of an amazing decade. Watch our latest holiday video and join the IMA family.

IMA 2018 Holiday Video

IMA Christmas 2018

Our 2018 Christmas video is all about gratitude. It’s no secret we have tons to be thankful for, especially our amazing clients, partners, teammates, and friends, like YOU. Watch and find out what else we’re grateful for…

IMA Christmas Video

IMA Christmas 2017

Our 2017 Christmas video features the IMA team and guest appearances by Santa and the Fun Luv’n Grannies, plus 2018 news and answers to top “who’s most likely to“ questions.

IMA Christmas Video

IMA Christmas 2016

In traditional fashion, IMA proudly presents our 2016 Christmas video. This year, we want to thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts, prayers, and strength—your support means so much to the entire staff as well as the Kaupp family.

We invite you to join us as we honor our Guiding Force.

IMA Christmas Video

IMA Christmas 2015

Our 2015 video was all about getting in touch with our “emojical” side. We had some fun with choosing our favorite emojis—and describing why we picked the ones we did.

IMA Christmas Video

IMA Christmas 2014

Our 2014 Christmas video focused on the strong team at IMA. From new faces to seasoned staff members, everyone got a moment in the spotlight.


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