It’s Official—Our Web & SEO Assistant Is Google Analytics Certified

At Image Makers Advertising, we’re committed to the very best for both our clients and our team. That’s why Tina Chovanec, IMA’s president and owner, makes it a point to invest in continuing education for our team members—it’s one way we stay ahead of the marketing curve. We’re proud to announce that Kai Cromwell, our website and SEO assistant, has taken advantage of that education by successfully completing his Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ).

The Next Step in SEO Mastery

Before taking the course, Kai was already something of an analytics aficionado. “I felt pretty comfortable with web analytics already, but gaining the Google Analytics certification was big,” he says. “It not only made it more official, but it allows me to provide a better experience for IMA’s clients.”

The GAIQ courses consisted of four to five chapters, each of which had several lessons filled with videos, text, and interactive tutorials—all of which Kai enjoyed. “I felt that the videos and guided modules, along with the additional resources provided by Google, truly prepared me to pass the exam and continue using the skills I gained along the way,” he says.

And prepared he was—Kai passed the test with flying colors.

What Is Google Analytics?

It’s a measurement tool that tracks visitor behavior on client websites. That behavior includes:

  • How many users visit the site
  • The amount of time those users spend there
  • How they found the client’s website
  • Which pages the users visited

Raising the Bar for Our Team and Yours

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