Part 2: Email Marketing: Foolproof Tips to Ensure Success

In Part 1, we talked about how email communications should be part of your overall marketing mix. If you want to make sure your emails resonate with targeted and existing customers, your content must be relevant. A professional agency like Image Makers knows how to write content that people respond to as well as how to promote that content. Your email marketing should generate new traffic to your website, get people to look at what you’re selling, and influence them to purchase your services and products. Image Makers crafts emails that are not only opened and read, but have a strong call to action—to ensure the success rate of our clients’ marketing efforts.

We grab them with the subject line.
At Image Makers, we know the subject line is the most critical component because it determines whether or not subscribers open your email. According to MailChimp, the best subject lines should tell not sell. A short, descriptive subject line—five to seven words or 50 characters maximum—should clearly communicate what your email is about. We put the most important words at the beginning since the entire subject line may not be viewable from a smartphone. Subject lines framed as questions perform better, as do subject lines with a call to action or deadline. We include your business name in the “from field” so your readers know who the email is from. We may use the subject line to promote your expertise or share information that your readers will find useful.

We engage readers with engaging content.
For maximum engagement, it’s important to give your readers something relevant and useful—even
if it’s just great information. We make sure the content is a healthy mix of “value and pitch.” Approximately 80 percent of your email should be informative, educational, or entertaining copy that interests and benefits your readers. The remaining 20 percent can be devoted to promoting your brand, offering a discount or service. If you don’t have something useful to share or a significant message, we don’t recommend sending an email. You don’t want to give your readers a reason to disengage by deleting, ignoring, or unsubscribing.

We keep it smart, short, and sweet.
We write your content so it’s conversational, informative, useful, and presented in a way that’s easy to absorb. That means we use short sentences and short paragraphs and get to the point without belaboring it. Our design incorporates slim margins so your reader doesn’t have to scroll left to right. Good, solid content with strong headlines and subheads will hold your reader’s interest. Remember, as long as you can provide value in your emails—interesting content or a discount—people will allow you to contact them.

The best time to send your emails? Tuesdays at 10.
According to MailChimp, a higher percentage of emails get opened on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, with people most likely to open them between 2 and 5 p.m. Recent research shows that sending email between 9 and 11 a.m. is definitely best, which is what we follow at Image Makers. We find that we get the highest open rates within 60 minutes of sending out emails. We continue to analyze the data and test our clients’ emails for the best days and times to send, although MailChimp statistics show our email open rates are higher than the industry average!