Part 2: How Rate Our Business is Changing the Review Game

Businesses risk not showing up in customer Google searches if their online rankings aren’t up to par. We covered this in Part 1: Hide and Seek and shared that gaining Google reviews can make all the difference. For companies that don’t know where to begin with gaining reviews or struggle to gain them, we created Rate Our Business (ROB). ROB is a review-focused online program we designed to help our clients—especially smaller businesses—improve their Google presence and SEO (search engine optimization) rankings. The program focuses on collecting valuable customer feedback and driving conversions to gain Google reviews.

Rate Our Business - LogoOur web team creates a custom online survey form where your customers can leave private feedback about their experiences with your business. We place a link on your website for easy customer access and create custom ROB cards you can hand out as a subtle reminder to leave feedback. BrightLocal, an SEO tool specialist company, reports that seven out of 10 customers will leave a review if they’re asked to.

When customers submit positive feedback via ROB, they are automatically prompted to leave a public review on Google or a targeted review medium. Our SEO team evaluates your current reviews—with a focus on Google—and recommends which review medium should be targeted to improve your rankings. We may start out targeting customers to leave Google reviews and then switch to other websites—like Facebook or Houzz—once you have a sufficient number of reviews and a high rating.

When customers leave negative feedback, instead of being prompted to leave a Google review, they are encouraged to share more about their experience in a private submission that only you will see. This helps reduce the likelihood that customers will leave negative reviews online where other customers can see them—and can keep your Google rating from being negatively impacted by a low-star rating.

After gaining your first Google review, you will receive a star rating which shows how customers rate your business. If you receive a two-star rating, your company will have poor rankings until you gain a number of positive reviews. It’s important to gain positive reviews regularly to keep high star ratings from dropping due to any negative reviews. If you receive all five-star reviews, you will have a 5.0 rating—but once you receive anything lower than a five-star rating, your perfect 5.0 will drop.

After 10 five-star reviews, your local rankings will be vastly improved—this can greatly affect your SEO efforts and be a major selling point, especially for new customers who are looking for a local business like yours.

Clients from the floral, remodeling, HVAC, and landscaping industries (just to name a few) have already had success with our program. ROB was launched in August 2014 and already has:

54 clients on the program
9,122 customer review submissions
1,294 positive Google reviews gained

To learn more about ROB and how to increase online reviews for your business, give us a call or contact us online.

NOTE: This blog has been updated as of 2/16/17 to reflect Google’s most recent rating updates.