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Waukesha County Fair

Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare
Although the Fair only runs five days in July, it’s essential to stay engaged year-round with fairgoers. Facebook is an excellent tool to provide information to our fan base any time of the year—to promote advanced ticket sales and musical acts, as well as direct people to the Fair website.

Our social media efforts escalate during the Fair. IMA keeps the Facebook page up to date with current information on daily events, images, and videos—and makes sure that we answer any incoming questions quickly.

One method of increasing our fan base and creating online buzz for the Fair is the annual pre-Fair scavenger hunt. A photo clue is posted to both Facebook and Twitter and fans and followers are to determine the location and be the first to the location and win tickets to the Fair.

Because the Fair is active in the community, events like Waukesha’s Friday Night Live are another opportunity for ticket giveaways. A location is chosen and a picture clue is sent out. Attendees of Friday Night Live then look for the person holding the ticket passes and win tickets to the Fair.

The Fair is the largest event in Waukesha County—so having an updated Foursquare profile with accurate information is essential. Many smartphone users check in and leave reviews of the Fair for others to see.

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