Our President in the News—and on the Other Side of the Interview and Lens

Talk about giving up creative control. As a copywriter at heart and with over 25 years as the director of photo shoots, video sessions, and all kinds of promotional productions, IMA’s new president reversed her role to be featured in the inaugural edition of the freshly redesigned BizTimes. The writer of the Coffee Break article, Molly Dill, found out about Tina’s new position, read her blog, and thought she was the perfect fit for their new format.

“Molly tried to reach me on vacation and when I returned, she joked about not being sure if I was really out or just dodging the article. I knew this was a great PR opportunity for our agency, but it’s definitely an occupational hazard when you’re more comfortable on the other side of publicity,” Tina says. As luck would have it, BizTimes uses one of the same professional photographers as IMA does, so that helped put her at ease.

“Both Molly and the photographer did an outstanding job showcasing a little of my history, business philosophies, and personality. The issue looks amazing and I’m proud to be featured as the new president of Image Makers Advertising.”