Radio and Television Advertising: the Right Creative, the Right Buy

When our team of marketing professionals sits down to create an annual Ad Plan, there are a lot of factors to consider. We know broadcast advertising inside and out and our media buyer, Jane Fischer, has solid reasoning behind her radio and television advertising recommendations. She watches the trends, crunches the numbers, and calculates the return. Her conclusion: a strong media mix is best. That’s why we offer plans with balanced traditional and digital advertising.

Even with digital downloads and on-demand services gaining popularity, a majority of viewers/listeners still tune into their favorite local stations for current news, shows, and music. And yes, they catch the ads. Radio and television ads are familiar parts of programming that people expect and accept as part of the user experience. Sure, they can turn off or tune out commercials. But when you work with an experienced, full-service agency such as Image Makers, your ads will get results.

The Keys to Great Radio and Television Advertising Campaigns

  1. The write stuff. Most broadcast commercials are only 15 or 30 seconds, so make every word count. Professional writers like the four at IMA are experts at working tons of important info into a few smooth lines.
  2. Details matter. Your spots should include music and sound effects for radio, and quality video, talent, graphics, and visual cues for television. Our producers and editors have an ear and an eye for the small things that make a big difference.
  3. Have a strong call to action. Successful commercials must be clear about what they want people to do. Our ads prompt a measurable response, whether it’s calling, stopping, shopping, or visiting a website.
  4. Know your audience. Once you have a spot that says all the right things, make sure the right people see it. Our media buyer has 30+ years of experience in placing your commercial in front of the largest, most appropriate audience and negotiating the best price on your behalf.
  5. Make a commitment. A strong, consistent presence is key—people need to see or hear your ad several times before it sinks in. Your media buy is based on a proven formula of reach and frequency, and we’ll show you what it takes to see real results.

We Make Advertising Fun

If you’re ready to explore tailored options for growing your business, call us—we continually evaluate all forms of advertising and can handpick the ones that best meet your needs and fit your budget. We’ve already asked the hard questions and have answers that are as unique as you are. For small companies that want to be bigger and big companies that want to be better, IMA is the ideal partner to deliver fun, effective marketing.