It’s Raining Digital—But Don’t Forget the Traditional Roots You’ve Built During Ad Planning Season

The best marketers will tell you if your top competitor picked up your marketing plan, it’s no big deal. Why? Because the strategy behind any good individual plan is intended to be unique to your business and brand. In marketing circles, digital advertising–in all its shapes and forms–is all the rage right now, as more and more people are using their mobile devices (91% of smart phone users always have their phone within arm’s reach). But it’s a solid mix of traditional and digital advertising that will provide you the balance of branding and reach for the best ROI.

Your website is the center of your marketing universe. In fact, it’s the sun, moon, and stars. Content is king to Google and your customers. Quality content on your website will help you show up organically and rank higher. Blogging and content enhancements will help you rise above the competition in Google authority–and all the touches to your website will position you as the expert in your industry in the eyes of your end users.

A good digital ad campaign can work hand-in-hand with your content marketing efforts. Although it’s relatively new, a good campaign demands more budget and the pros won’t recommend it unless your website is in good shape. Among the brand awareness enhancing benefits of digital ads, customization and targeting options are tops. “Stalk and capture” are terms you hear frequently to explain how it works to get that relevant, useful information or offer in front of those who would care most about it. And killer creative truly meets strategy with the ability to test messages and offers as well as your calls to action.

The power of “I saw you on TV.” There’s still no better ground to build trust and relationships on than traditional media. People still buy from people, which means the “face of your brand” still makes your business easy to identify and connect with. If TV isn’t in your budget, radio and direct mail can be affordable and effective options. Their biggest strength is reach, hitting you where you live or on your way to work. Direct mailings to existing customers will continue to be a cost-efficient way to draw great response. Customers that know you are looking for more information from you, in addition to timely coupons and offers. Billboards, still a traditional media, have the creative allure of high-definition digital with the flexibility of rotating several messages.

Speaking of trust and back to the business of ad planning, remember how to get the most out your ad agency. Your marketing partner is an expert, not an order taker, so give your agency the benefit of a dream collaboration with you. You know your business, and marketers know marketing—which means they know how to take any size budget and bang out the best strategies with the right media mix for your brand.