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Our Most Successful Campaigns

Our Most Successful Campaigns

Our Most Successful Campaigns

Our Most Successful Campaigns

These Strategic Projects Guaranteed Real Results and Raving Clients

In our fast-paced world, consumers get information from many different sources—and it’s our job at Image Makers Advertising to put your message in front of the right people in the most effective way. That’s why we take a multi-faceted approach to many campaigns and utilize both high-tech and traditional tools to help build your business. From website development and digital ads to direct mail, broadcast commercials, and unique collateral, all elements are like pieces of a puzzle—they fit together perfectly as part of a “big picture” plan for your success.

Below are our most recent cases studies showing how Image Makers uses a full range of marketing tools and talent to deliver real results:

Integrity, Response, and Value—IMA Helps Shape Martens Plumbing’s Online Presence

Good marketing starts with a compelling message. With Martens Plumbing & Heating, their message was strong and simple—Marten’s delivers urgency, integrity, response, and value to every job, from furnace and air conditioning installation to plumbing repair. They tasked our marketing experts to expand upon that mission online, we took the challenge head on.

Building and Enhancing a Fresh and Powerful Website
A website often makes or breaks a customer’s purchasing decision. IMA took Martens Plumbing’s website and enhanced it, creating a landscape fit for fresh, valuable content and an engaging user experience—two ingredients for a consistently relevant online presence.

  • Custom heating and cooling pages were created to complement their existing service pages—which we also enhanced. IMA broke down exactly what sets Martens Plumbing apart from everyone else while boosting the pages’ performance and increasing their search engine rankings.
  • An in-depth FAQ page was added to further establish the industry experience of Martens Plumbing. It gives their experts a chance to answer their customers’ most common home comfort questions, adding an extra layer to Martens Plumbing’s seasoned level of service.
  • Powerful call-to-action upgrades were made throughout the website for increased customer contact and conversion rates. Each page was also enhanced for better content flow.
  • On-page SEO enhancements helped boost Martens Plumbing’s overall rankings in search engines. By optimizing content and keywords and phrases across all pages, we give Google the opportunity to display our client’s website higher in their search results. Martens Plumbing’s customers have a greater chance of interacting with the company thanks to these enhancements.
  • Blog management was introduced to put Martens Plumbing on a regular blog schedule, complete with topics, to demonstrate our client’s knowledge on heating, cooling, and plumbing. Our creative team researched each topic, drafted outlines, then got to work with clear, concise writing and design that kept each entry simple for busy, on-the-go contractors.

Well-Rounded Expertise Matters
Our team of experts is always on the same page—from copywriters and designers to web and SEO experts, everyone understands our clients and their goals. With every new piece of content we create for Martens Plumbing, we’re building on our partnership and helping them position their business for even greater success in the Mukwonago area.

Marten's Plumbing Website

Nothing Compares; IMA Brings Creativity and Success to Regency Sales Center

A successful marketing campaign is one that improves both your brand and your bottom line. And that’s exactly what Image Makers Advertising has consistently provided Regency Senior Communities for almost 20 years. As the organization began expansion of its New Berlin campus in 2018, leadership again turned to IMA for a comprehensive strategy to promote its newest leasing options.

Comprehensive Marketing Support for Expanded Services

To share the news of openings and opportunities in New Berlin—and to support the sales team at that location—we developed a detailed plan for an inviting on-site sales center as well as materials for a multifaceted campaign.

  • The inclusive sales center was created as more than a model. We guided our client in transforming a residence into a welcoming place where seniors and their families are able to easily visualize life as part of the vibrant Regency community.
  • Large-scale dimensional displays of the different floorplans, campus maps, and renderings of the new courtyard, as well as custom collages of lifestyle photos were included in our plan. We designed pieces for each room and coordinated the time-sensitive installation.
  • A custom video was created to run continuously in the sales center. It was produced in-house by our agency using drone footage of the new construction and original photography from earlier IMA shoots. The result is a dynamic sales tool that tells their story and showcases the architecture and amenities available only at RSC.
  • A comprehensive collateral package included three brochures highlighting campus amenities, residence amenities, and levels of care available. These pieces were included in a refreshed folder design, along with sheets showing each floorplan, to clearly outline all options and pricing for potential residents.
  • Targeted mailings were the final components of our plan for reaching out to seniors as well as the adult children who are often involved in helping their parents make decisions about care. Postcards were created that mirrored the new sales collateral and literally brought a consistent message home to families who need help.

Reliable Under Pressure

Because completion of the center was to coincide with Regency’s annual fall open house, we had strict deadlines while working with their busy staff. Owner Mark Wimmer summed up our efforts on the expansion campaign:
“Thank you Tina for your work and meeting our quick turnaround. The Sales Center came together well under your direction and was ready to receive our Open House prospective residents and their families. We are winding down a successful event and will continue to use the displays and materials as we move forward in our prelease and lease process.”

Our Knowledge of Regency Is a Real Asset

Over the years, IMA has helped Regency build on their reputation as the best choice for senior living. Our results are impressive, as Regency now boasts a 94 percent occupancy rate. The impact of this particular campaign is even greater, with a long waiting list now in place for residences at the New Berlin expansion.

From print and broadcast advertising to a glossy quarterly magazine for residents, our partnership continues to evolve as the needs of our client change. And we’re ready for whatever challenge they bring us next.

Regency Sales Center Print MaterialsRegency Sales Center Signage

Congratulations—and All the Best to a Big IMA Success Story

A good friend to IMA for many years, Marty Schallock of Malkin’s Flooring is retiring! We’re honored to have played such a major role in his plan to prepare his business for sale. Marty focused on ramping up his advertising with us, including a full-blown rebranding of his website. We “Marty-ized” its content, as we like to say at our Agency. The goal was to have his website reflect his warm brand personality—the same personality Marty had delivered to living rooms across Greater Milwaukee in his famous television commercials featuring “the girls.” We introduced and produced digital advertising and pre-roll video, created expert positioning blogs, and engaged on his behalf on the most popular social media platforms. We brought back and created beautiful, oversized direct mail for his most famous sale as well—the No, No, No Sale. We did it all for our former client and friend, who continued to put his trust in us when our ownership and team changed a bit. Congrats, Marty and Deb! Thank you for your friendship and partnership through the years.

Digital Pre-RollTV Commercials

Malkins Flooring new website mockups


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