The Power of Relevant Website Content—Why Your Site Should Never Be “Finished”

Developing and maintaining a good website is hard. It is, after all, often your customers’ first impression of you—and in a lot of cases, it can make or break their decision to choose you over your competition. It’s not enough to simply build a functional website and call it good. You need consistent, fresh, and relevant website content. Here’s why your website will never truly be “finished.”

The Ever-Changing Web Landscape

Web design is constantly changing, and it has less to do with improving technology than you might think. It’s more about how your customers use your site. Their wants are changing just as constantly as the web. What they respond to now is different than what it used to be even a couple years ago. They want clear, concise, and fresh website content that provides real value.

Today, analytics and brand strategy can help you design your website around those ever-changing wants. You can see what customers get out of your site and use that information to boost areas of interest as well as weak spots.

“We provide users with targeted content that helps them throughout their journey,” says Nina McKinster, Image Makers Advertising’s website and SEO manager. “By mapping out our user’s needs and intents instead of focusing solely on keywords, we are able to accomplish just that. Then we can circle back and produce quality content that enhances the experience while organically driving traffic to your website.”

Live and Die by SEO and Google Rankings

Like it or not, your website’s success depends largely on your Google ranking. Its goal, just like yours, is to provide maximum value to its users, so it promotes pages that post regular, relevant, and valuable content. “Every time you enhance content or add a new page, Google will recrawl your website to see the new information and index those pages,” Nina says. “And that’s a good thing—we want search engines to understand that your site has relevant content.”

That’s why fresh website content and keeping up with search engine optimization (SEO) practices are so important. “Writing for the user first will always help to bump your site higher on results pages,” Nina says.

Experiment to Find Ways to Stay on Top

Of course, you have to keep up with best practices to keep your website relevant. However, there’s something to be said for innovation, too—it can often win customers over. By experimenting and testing new or different web elements, you can discover new features that improve user experience in a way that no other method could. Couple that with regular and relevant content, and your website could go from a follower to a leader quickly.

Need Website Help? We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you still have questions about the power of fresh website content or are ready to get started on enhancement strategy, Image Makers is eager to help. Our experts know web design, SEO, and best practices like the backs of their hands. Contact us today to start your enhancement or redesign—262-650-8300 or visit us online.