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On-Screen Storytelling and Serious Results With Professional TV and Video Production

IMA writes, shoots, edits, and airs over 250 TV and pre-roll commercials each year with the help of our exclusive video partner, Midland Video Productions. Each is carefully crafted to include all the elements that make a spot easy to watch and hard to forget: a clear message with shots, actions, and sounds that are readily absorbed by even casual viewers. This, along with the fact that over 70 percent of people watch at least some TV every day, makes it the strongest medium for advertisers of all kinds. Better still, viewing habits of specific groups are easily tracked so our media buyer knows exactly how to put your message in front of your ideal customer.

The same is true of web-based videos (YouTube and social media) and pre-roll—those video advertisements that automatically play directly before a featured video on your desktop or mobile device. They inform and educate while enhancing brand awareness and drawing users to your website. No matter how or what people watch today, they’re still being influenced by our commercials.

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