Don’t Let Online Security Issues Scare Away Customers

Few things scare users away from a website faster than a pop-up warning them that your site is not secure. That’s what Google, Yahoo, and Bing could soon be sending to your potential customers if you don’t take steps to protect your site with a new SSL security certificate. Don’t lose business over concerns about website security—trust Image Makers Advertising to add SSL (secure sockets layer) technology to your web pages.

SSL Helps You Connect Safely With Clients

SSL is the latest security technology for establishing an encrypted link between the web server that hosts your online pages and the browser of the person looking at them. This link ensures that all data passed between the server and browsers remains private. To be able to create an SSL connection, a web server requires an SSL certificate—a small data file that digitally binds encrypted security measures to your URL. Now available on the IMA server, SSL certificates activate a lock and https protocol for secure connections—and your visitors can browse, buy, and submit contact forms without worrying that their personal or financial information could be compromised.

Don’t Lose Online Leads

While this is a fairly minor change for Internet users—who will be able to easily identify secure sites as those with an “s” after the http prefix in the Google Chrome address bar—it’s a major change for most businesses. Until recently, companies did not need certified security unless they directly processed financial transactions. Now sites with features like contact forms needs to incorporate SSL certification to ensure that potential customers feel safe using the site to communicate and request service.

IMA Websites Are Certified Safe

IMA has you covered, and has begun implementing SSL protocol on all client websites. Google expects to have completed implementation of this feature by 2018, and we will be updating sites for the remainder of 2017 to be ready.

This change will not affect the look or performance of your website, or compromise existing security measures. The SSL certificate simply adds a third-party confirmation that you’ve taken essential steps to protect your site and your customers from the threat of cyber hacking and data breaches—so users feel comfortable visiting your site and confident about the integrity of your company.

For more information about this change, clients are encouraged to send us a message or call us to discuss. We also welcome questions from anyone who might want to transition a website to our secure, SSL-certified server, or is interested in website development or SEO strategies to boost your online presence and increase your market share.